20 Years of Excellence

(Ranks at the time of the photo and whether active or inactive at the time of this update.)

John Combs 4th Dan--Inactive

Steve Jordan 6th Dan--Active

Terry Hurst 1st Dan--Inactive

Chad Wissler (Soke-Dai)

5th Dan--Inactive

Jim Curtsinger 2nd Dan--Inactive

Mike Bodwell 3rd Dan--Inactive

Group Photo of:  22 December, 2005


Rick Crabtree
Max Erlewein
Spencer Bohlander
Bill Kuhn
Billie Jo Geise
Chris Laird
Don Fisher
Christian Wissler
David Southerland
Richie Geise
Robbie Geise

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Photos below of individuals present

for the Plaque Photo but participants only or inactive at the time.

John Edington

Larry Kuhn

Alan Campbell

Todd Eblen

Click here for a larger view of the Christmas 2005 group photo.

Click here for a larger view of the Plaque photo.