Warren Speers kicking over Sensei Leisure.

Golay Center Dojo class picture.

Back Row, left to right:

Warren Speers, Sensei Robert Leisure

Notables in the second row:

Randy Smith-3rd from the left

Bill Mckinley-far right

Notables in the front row,

Kenny Johnson-far left

Shihan-2nd from the left

Greg Wickersham-middle

Doug Snyder-middle front

Daryl Smith-2nd from right

Golay Center Bojuka Ryu Dojo

(Late 1981 or during the year of 1982)

Warren Speers throwing Sensei Leisure

Who would have guessed what these days were leading to?  Each class seemed like an impossible task and the look forward, like an impossible dream!

Acquiring Green Belt was an extremely proud moment and left you feeling a sense of great accomplishment.

The look forward towards Brown Belt appeared as though it could only be a dream, as it seemed "impossible" to accomplish what was witnessed of the Brown Belts ahead of us.

BlackBelt was not even considered a possibility at this time.  It was just "too far ahead" and incomprehensible.  It appeared that only the mental and physical elite could perform the tasks that we under-belts witnessed and for myself, "I just didn't have enough time left in my life to acquire Sensei-ship".