(1) School (Gakko - A school where a subject is studied)

(2) Training hall

(3) Place of the way

(4) A place where we expel the demons of fear, doubt, indecisiveness and anger

(5) A place for causing, predicting or observing transformations that occur from or while following the "pathway"

The Kanji of "Dojo"

We believe that the Dojo is not just a word for a place to practice and learn, nor its purpose just to teach new people who want to join the "karate" class.  It is the home of the Sensei and the Sensei's loyal students.  The Sensei teaches to learn more about his chosen style, not to help an outsider.  Many beginners will quit due to the discipline and exercise.  If you have manners and show respect, the Sensei may grant you the privilege to study in his Dojo, if he thinks you are deserving of the opportunity.  If you really want to learn "karate", the Sensei expects you to make every class required for proper advancement.  If you are unable to do so, you should explain to him why.  From time to time the Sensei will ask you to do things that will require extra effort on your part.  If you can perform the task, so inform him;  if you are unable, tell him that also.  You are possibly being tested or evaluated. 

How long is the class?  The rest of you life.  You never join a Dojo, you become a part of it.  The Dojo will not change - you will.  Use good manners and respect and you will be accepted.  As in most organizations, some rules and regulations are oral, of which you will be advised of at the proper time. 

As was noted above, the Dojo is the Sensei's Dojo.  All operations, and otherwise what is taught and goes on there is the under the direct control of that Sensei.  Even if your Sensei's senior is present, the senior must respect that Sensei's operation and follow his general guidelines.  If something occurs outside the understood By-laws, execution of technique or the operations in general,  the entity must be discussed at a private place and time at the discretion of the most senior.  Any correction will then immediately follow in a respectful manner.  With-in the Aibudo system, nothing is as stone.  Changes may, and can, be made at any time.  This in itself can make an entity appear improper, when in fact it is the correct way at this immediate time.

It is imperative that proper etiquette be practiced by all members.  Though some of the rules may at first seem strange to the new student, it should be remembered that these rules have been found to provide the best atmosphere in which to learn the way of Aibudo.  As Gichin Funakoshi stated, "Karate begins and ends with respect and courtesy".  The Dojo is a sanctuary and lends itself to the person who is looking for the better things in life

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While the prognostications in the modern dojo may be limited to who might or might not pass the next promotional exam, the insights gained in a dojo should teach you how to make choices in life or how to decide which "pathway" to take.





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