Your opinion, My opinion and Everyone Else's Opinion

April 2004

Volume 6 Issue 4

Aibudo Kanji

the weaknesses.  That's normal and there isn't anything wrong with that.  That's how friends get along.  We use their strength's in our favor and ignore any detriments.  As far as everyone else's opinions go, for the technical expertise, the friend, system comrade or outsider will generally see more of a polish in the technique than the instructor will.  It is not their duty to breakdown and criticize the practitioner's ability.

     The instructor and/or training partner on the other hand is there to constantly find fault with what the student or practitioner is performing.  If the instructor is "worth their salt", they will never be truly satisfied with the "performance", but will "pass you" on the general or acceptable level as to where you are now.  This same performance would probably fail you, a year or so "down the road".

The Perfect System?

     There isn't one!  During the combined class of a couple a weeks ago, you witnessed a change or fine-tuning of a grappling technique that we and over 90% of other systems have done for years, if not centuries.  Just one little change, now makes all the difference in it's entering effectiveness.  Is our system perfect now?  No, not on your life, as we/you will, find and develop, more "fine-tuning" as the years go along.  Even if we are as the "Ivory" commercial, 99.9% perfect, there is still that one-tenth of one percent to improve on and then the future will demand more perfection.

Are you as you are

or as you truly are?

Think about that, a bit!


     Are you as "arrogant" as you should be as a martial artist?  That last question should make you stand up and take notice.  "Arrogance" or the appearance of, is one of a martial artists tools for self-defense.  It is the necessary appearance of forwardness that is necessary in assisting in the control of an adversary.  The entity of allowing yourself to stand toe-to-toe and face-to-face with an adversary, radiating "the power you have over them".  This is a necessary tool in "mellowing out" a potential bully's control.  Remember, a bully is only a bully if he can bully you, otherwise he will go to someone else.  They don't want to confront anyone who radiates an arrogant threat.  Their purpose is to control the weak, in mental timidity and/or physical stature.

Shutting Down

The Mental Threats

     The past several month's we have been working on "closing the gap".  As you all know, "closing the gap" is the most difficult avenue of self-defense, whether on the street or on the dojo floor.  The most difficult to overcome is the mental threat that you put in your own mind of what is about to occur, when, and if I close.  What you have begun to learn is, that if you close with the proper defenses, there is no effective threat.  Anything your opponent attempts is either jammed, smothered or just plain "blown around".  The last being your most desired effect.  By just plain blowing around your opponent you have not only conquered them physically but more importantly mentally.

Picture of Shihan


     Do you realize that in the martial arts environment, there are three opinions of what you are?  There is your opinion, the instructors opinion and everyone else's opinion.  Of the three, there is actually only two of which, additively,  are probably correct.  What you think about yourself is generally wrong, because you are on the inside looking out.  It takes a look from the "outside in" to see the "truth".  On the "inside looking out", we either see ourselves as better than we are or worse than we are.  We generally never see ourselves truthfully or factually.  Perfectionist, in particular, never see themselves as good as they are, for where they're at.  That's the key, "where they're at" right now.  They feel that they should be as good as they see the future to be.  On the other side of perfectionist, you have the individual's who feel that they are better than everyone else thinks they are.  Enough said about that individual, as more dissertation wouldn't make any difference anyway.

     Now, let's discuss "everyone else's opinions".  They are generally more true to form as far as the character of the individual is concerned and somewhat correct in their opinion of the technical expertise.  The reason they are probably the most correct in reference to the "character" of the individual, is as they might possibly be more apt to know them more in a personal nature.  Knowing them in a personal nature, allows you to see them in more of a true "light", as the strength's and weaknesses both tend to show themselves.  Even at that, you would probably unconsciously ignore some of