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The System at Work (October 1996)

The Martial Arts System of Aibudo


Is in it's beginnings.  It's a bit crude yet, but even martial artists have to start at the beginning, with the awkwardness and lack of finesse.  Its only content at this time is the FAQ's, but that's all it needs for the initial setup and test.  If you get a chance, take a peak at: 
I hope that in the future,  there will be a good deal of the system for you to look at and/or download.  This initial address is also just an address for test and hopefully we will have a virtual hosted site as soon as possible.  You can though, even at this time, click on my name and send an e-mail with your questions or comments.

Philosophical thought

"Never let the obvious cover the truth!"


This  Issue...

1.  Student of the month         4.  Recent promotions
2.  Historical remembrances  5.  Philosophical thought
3.  New Web Page