Picture of Shihan

August 2001

Volume 3 Issue 8

This  Issue...

1.  Some things to ponder on   

2.  Precept

That which is easily remembered,

without pressure, is just as easily forgot, with!

Aibudo Kanji

Funakoshi's #20 Precept

"Devise Ways to Live the

Precepts Every Day".

          I could not have said it better myself.

          Excerpted from the article by Frank M. Kushner in

BlackBelt Magazine, dated December 1999

"Quick Seeing"

     Now, where have you heard that before?  What makes "seeing" quick?  Sight is sight, right?  Not quite, according to the professionals of the martial arts. Are you a professional?  How do you know?  If we put those two words together, we come away with "professional sight of a martial artist.  A good many questions and no answers, so far.  How do you feel about yourself as a martial artist?  How do you know that you are a martial artist?  Did someone tell you that your were and that makes it so?  Most people with ego will believe anything said about them if it's in a positive light, but will scoff it off, if it's of a negative nature.  What appears to make one of them the truth and the other a lie? 

     Getting back to 'quick seeing", if I give you a definition of it, will you believe me or scoff it off?  Why would you believe the answer I give and scoff of the answer to this question from a 1st day white belt?  Tried and proved dedicated experience is the reason.  If you are consistently tried and proved, you are no doubt a professional.  If you are tried and proved with the arts, you are then therefore a professional martial artist.  That doesn't necessarily mean that everything that you do is perfect, it just means that you are able to 'carry your own", by yourself in your art.  That's your art, not someone else's.  You are only a professional in what you have chosen to be dedicated with.  Acquiring the answer to the question about "quick seeing" from a non-professional or "fly-by-night" martial artist  would probably not be given much credence.  If you give someone an answer to an involved question concerning the martial arts, and they tend to believe it and/or repeat it to others, then evidently you are a professional.  Oh, by the way, and you should already know the answer to the original question, it is "perception" and "sight" in tune with each other.  If I am a professional, you will "believe" the answer, otherwise………...


         Last month, the Hoodoo had the article on mentals.  Physicals are easy to understand and witness, but mentals are a bit more difficult.  What is involved with mentals is a long list, but if you break the mentals down, one of the items on the list is "philosophy".  You know, Musashi utilized philosophy quite extensively in his strategy's.  It would quite difficult to build a library of strategy with out the philosophical.  Philosophy it can be said is "inquiry into the nature of things based on logical reasoning".  If can also be defined as "basic theory".  A final definition that I might add is "the investigation of causes and laws underlying reality".  A short time ago, Master Jordan read you the dissertation "Strategy of Life and the Arts" and within that it discusses the why's and wherefores of the human race, so to speak.  Without knowledge of philosophy, and many martial arts systems, styles or whatever, "do not want to waste your time on philosophy", will fail to be effective and respected.  You know what, how do you think a system that has been accepted as such and has been proven as such, came about to be effective.  It is because of philosophy.  The founders of the system became effective because of it and now refuse to "impose" it on the followers.  Well, I can sure say one thing, that is a sure fire guarantee that the "followers" will never be able to compete with the founder or even resemble what the founder was or is.  The practitioners will more than likely resemble a distortion of the system with ineffective results.  You must try and understand others, yourself, the past, the present and look positively at the future.

July 2001, an important month for our system.

     Well, we had our Dan grade advancements this month.  Sempai Jim Curtsinger to 2nd Dan (Instructor Grade), Sensei Chad Wissler to 3rd Dan and Master Steve Jordan to 6th Dan.  It probably hasn't really kicked in quite yet, but some major changes have occurred to those individuals.  We are being involved in a Soke recognition this month, which doesn't happen very often, in a "proven" way and in the works is the possibility of our system being accepted as the full time instruction for law-enforcement in our area of Indiana.  What ever happens, we are here to stay, to place our mark on the chronology scale of the martial arts thanks to you, the practitioners.