Our Hoodoo Is Into It's 6th Year.  Merry Christmas!

December 2003

Volume 5 Issue 12

Aibudo Kanji

No Rules Contest

     If you think you're "tough", you can go to Zhengzhou, China and compete in the "Sandra" fight.  It is considered to be the world's most brutal tournament.  It is a mix of judo, karate, boxing and kung-fu, with no rules.  Everything is allowed:  kicking, biting and punches.  The fights often end in serious injury or death.  Let me know, when you're ready to sign-up!

New Accepted Mandates For Martial Arts Schools

     The following are the mandates that "martial arts professionals" now list as being the "norm" for successful martial arts schools.  Once again, as we have discussed in the past, the priority is "money", not quality.

     You need 20 to 30 new students each and every month.

     Tuition of $159.00 per month to start.

     Move students up a higher tuition of $259.00 per month after 8 to 16 lessons or 1 to 2 month's.  Of course they are now told that they are in the "Masters Club" and that's the reason for the increase.  That should work out to $7800.00 or more per student!

     I think that I'll just stay poor and be able to sleep nights.  By the way, I do sleep pretty good.

Fitness Fact:

Anyone can join a fitness center, but not everyone can become a black belt!

How many do you know, that seem to find time for fitness centers, but not martial arts?

Government Regulation

     Government control of the arts is still in the works.   A senator while back was talking about the problem of child molestation in "karate classes" and a martial arts instructor responded as such:

"Senator, how do you account for the fact that more school teachers are being caught everyday molesting children?  Only priests seem to have equal numbers!"  There was a moment of silence, then he said that he might reconsider his support of the bill.

Proper Training Mindset

Training in the dojo becomes mundane after a fashion and as a result, the proper mindset isn't developed properly.  The "real life" aggressiveness that should be the norm, is in most cases, not the norm.  The result is the lack of mental and physical ki, that needs to be developed for proper technique building.  The walking through of technique's and application's begins to resemble that of just taking a walk to the grocery.  The  mental "excitement and awareness" that should be present is just not there.  With that point noted, what type of mindset is going to "rise to the surface" when the unexpected occurs?  Will it be the expected and necessary or total surprise and disconnection?  If that becomes the case, then all you will have, as a result, will be "tunneling down" and confusion.  Not a good scenario when life may hang in the balance.  Training mindset should mirror that which you could very well face on the street and not the humdrum attitude developed as the result of a "true threat" not facing the practitioner.

Picture of Shihan

New Studies

     Re:  Mirrors

     This is more relevant to women, but men also can be affected.  Most of you know, that it is said that the "most important piece of equipment in the dojo is the kagami (mirror).  I personally believe this to be true, but a new study shows that when some individuals train with mirrors to monitor their movements, they come away from their training feeling worse than when they started.  After watching themselves in the kagami, some of the following personal thoughts come in to play.

     Man, do I ever look like crap!

     I'm sweating like crazy!

     I look out of shape!

     My techniques are terrible!


    I say, accept what you are at the moment and "get over it".  If you were perfect before you started, you wouldn't be here.  Have pride in the changes that are constantly taking place.

     Re:  Water Guidelines

     It used to be thought by western world "experts", that you should drink as much water as possible before, during and after exercising.  Well guess what?  Professional martial arts instructors have been putting limits on water intake for years and it turns out that they were right all along.  The latest studies show that exercisers must be warned that the over consumption of fluids before, during and after training can have a potentially fatal outcome.  It's called, exertional hyponatraemia.  More on this later.  They advise now, to only drink what your thirst dictates.