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History, philosophy and strategy.
What are they worth to a martial artist anyway?

Point of Strategy

Who should you "fear" the most during the act of kumite with a stranger?  Is it the individual who immediately after the command of begin, starts jumping up and down and pumping out their fist, like they could whip the world or the individual who faces you with no expression and hardly any movement at all?
In my experience, the "I can whip the world" individual's actions during kumite really have very little substance and the quiet, relaxed in appearance individual is the one who is about to "tear your head off".  An individual who is comfortable with their style has no need to jump up and down and attempt to look as if they are blowing sparks.  They will show you their skill in the next few moments!  When you face a "jump up and down " opponent, just take a step back and wait for them to quit acting stupid and as they shift forward to make up the distance for their immature actions to resume again, jump into their space and end the thing!

Funakoshi's #2 Precept

In Karate, there is no first attack: 

In today's pressure-filled society, tempers flare easily and lawsuits abound.  Having the reserved manner of a budoka can help us defuse situations without needing to resort to violence unless absolutely necessary.

          Excerpted from the article by Frank M. Kushner in
BlackBelt Magazine, dated December 1999

What do you know?

     There is a system, of which I was very much aware of, but did not realize until just recently, very much mirrored ours in some of it's philosophies and physics.  Other entity's are different.  This system's front kick, side kick and roundhouse kick all function pretty much the same with only the position of the foot changing.  They say that they have an important principle of which is distinctive and that is to "always move forward, never retreat".  They state that their body movements are more straight forward and more natural than other styles.
     This sounds like a description of Aibudo, of which it is to this point, but the style info is of another art.  Do you know what it is?  I'll give you a hint.  They say that you should "breath in" on blocks!  They also state that you should never get accustomed to being hit or thrown down!  Another philosophy of training is that, protective equipment is unnecessary, because actual striking should be done on such things as the makiwara, walls, tires, etc. and not on the person.   I told you that they were different on some things!  I see now why they wouldn't have to retreat in kumite, as they know that they aren't to strike each other!  Not much of a martial art in that respect, but an art none-the-less.

-- Philosophical Thought --

Those who are patient and wait on a strange opponent
end up learning all


They who rush to engage this same opponent learn nothing!

.It is said that:

"Human bone is 40 times stronger than concrete"

Why do you think that is?

Each class should have a discussion on this statement.

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