Have you made a difference with your martial arts?

February 2004

Volume 6 Issue 2

Aibudo Kanji

     Because of the arts, Chad became friends with Sifu Travis Spoonamore.  To make a long story short, Travis ended up marrying one of Chad's students.  Because of Terry Hurst, one of my students, who brought a friend of his to class one night, now Sensei Jim Curtsinger, ended up marrying one of Chad's students.  This more than likely wouldn't have happened if both Chad and I weren't both involved in teaching the martial arts.  Would Sensei Curtsinger ever become involved in the arts and married Adreanne, if it hadn't been for Terry Hurst?  Now you can see what I mean by influence.  If I hadn't been teaching the martial arts, Terry wouldn't have ended up in Cambridge City.  If Chad hadn't initially began classes under Sensei Leisure, I wouldn't have ended up teaching Terry Hurst.  If Sensei Robert Leisure hadn't decided to teach at our local community center, I wouldn't have ever got into the arts and so on.

     So……...anytime you get the feeling that you haven't made much of a difference in this world, you had better back up and take a serious look.  I have three individuals directly related to the Hombudojo, that I would like to reflect back and see how their life would be different if they hadn't been there.  They are Master Steven Jordan, Mr. John Edington and Sempai Mike Bodwell, who is a student of my son Chad Wissler.  No matter how small, their life is different because of the initial individual I listed in this dissertation.  That being Sensei Eddie Stewart.  Who influenced him and the influences prior to that could go on and on.  We have to be extremely careful in the choices that we make in life, because we in turn influence history.

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     Do you have a situation, strategy, philosophy or technique problem, that you would like to have a remedy or explanation of?  Sometimes, just having a different outlook into a problem or situation can make all the difference.  In most cases, the correction of a movement to be effective is just a minor adjustment.  It could be an adjustment in either your mental or physical "attitude".  Sometimes it's nothing more than a change in your focus point.  Other times, it's removing your focus entirely from a specific to only the situation.  To be the most effective in your defense, is working with your opponents movement and/or intent and not against it.  Working against, rather than with, will in many cases lose you at least a half-step.  This is true, no matter which of the three methods of forestalling are used.  The method of forestalling that you should use, is dependent upon the skill level that you have reached.  Sometimes, attempting a higher skill level strategy or movement than you are capable of, will be all defeating, no matter your desires.  If you are all intent in using a specific that seems to continuously fail at the moment, is to shadow it over and over, so that it works without any need of focus or thought to complete.

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Your Arts Participation

     When you decide to work here or there or participate in this or that, does it make any external difference one way or the other.  The more you think about this, the louder the answer is of a resounding yes.  The thing is, how much of a difference.  As anyone who is now in or was in the past knows, I have been in the arts for approximately 25 years.  Did I just decide, on my own right out of the blue one day, to learn the martial arts? No!  Something had to be an influence on that decision.  In my case there was a direct influence on my decision, but indirectly there were many going back many centuries.  It is impossible to track this "ladder" of historical influences, because it would have to go back to a decision by the first individual who decided to defend themselves.  There is no way that they would have been able to predict what influence they would have on history.  In my case, there are three known and provable influences for my decision.  The first individual was Sensei Eddie Stewart, the founder of Bojuka Ryu.  Then comes one of his students, Sensei Robert Leisure, who was my instructor.  He didn't have to take me as a student, but because he did, here I am.  If he hadn't, who knows what I would have done different.  The third individual is my son, Chad Wissler.  If he hadn't joined Sensei Leisure's class and initially discontinued, I more than likely would have never started myself.  Because of my decision to train, Chad eventually came back to the arts.  Because of this, some life changing decisions were made by others.