Special advancements this month!

Is there anyone who is not aware of the proposed advancement of Sempai Chad Wissler, Sempai-Dai Jim Curtsinger and Robbie Geise this month?  If there is, then you just haven't been awake.  There is just a bit more pride coming to the system again.  Even with this pride, one half of the system is going to feel a a bit of a loss and the other half is going to be more complete.  So goes growth to the 3rd generation of leadership.

From another time,
But a present place

Water test recognition:

Billie Jo Geise takes the honors for the water test and with it goes a $5.00 deduction off of her next test.  Second place goes to Mike Sweet.  Only the "attitudes" gave him any problems.

Belt Grade
Advancements since the January Hoodoo

Robbie Geise
to 4th Kyu Brown

Joe Burns
to 7th Kyu Green

Dustin Thornburg
to 8th Kyu White (Full)

Mike Sweet
to 9th Kyu (Green Stripe)

Daniel Potter
to 9th Kyu White (Full)

Special Recognition to:

Mike Sweet and Daniel Potter for their 'first time" tournament participation.  There will be many lessons learned from that endeavor.  Last, but not least, is Billie Jo Geise.  She did extemely well in her first tournament a while back, of which none of us will forget.  Good Job!!!

I hope that the January Hoodoo strategy problem, taught you all a good lesson.  The first obvious consideration  is not always what the truth is.  "Never accept the obivious for truth or fact"!    Shihan

Are you worth as much to the Martial Arts
The Martial Arts are to you?

Is physical growth always a plus?  If not, what entity of growth must occur  with it, to even more of a degree?  What if it doesn't?

This  Issue...

(1) Special and Recent Advancements
(2) Special Recognition
(3) Remembrances of another time
(4) An attachment of another historical perspective