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Better to take a stand where you are, than later where you are taken!


Point of Strategy

Within the system of Aibudo, to be in control, you must not only control your space, but advance while doing it.  This while at the same time, being relaxed enough to be aware of all that your opponent is doing at the present and planning to do in the immediate future.  If you would happen to lose control of your space, you must, as soon as possibly, set your self and counter aggressively with as many effective combinations as possible.  If you fail at this, you have failed your defense and technically have lost the battle.

Historical Note:

Who was Yorin Kanna?  He was the most famous swordsman in Okinawa, who was defeated, but purposely not killed, by
Yasutsune Azato, who by the way, was
unarmed at the time!  His philosophy was that:  If you refuse to be terrified and
remain "cool-headed" victory can by achieved.

-- Food for thought --
What's worse:  Losing a "friend" or your self-respect?

Funakoshi's #1 Precept

(1)  Karate begins and ends with courtesy.
          This is pretty much self-explanatory.  Courtesy, should not only begin and end with "Karate" but with-in life itself.  Do not though, allow courtesy to over-power "truth".  Be always aware through this "courtesy".

-- His last day --

No one had any premonitions of the disaster to come when Bruce met Raymond Chow at Betty Ting Pei's apartment to go over changes in The Game of Death script, which contained a major role for Betty.  Raymond had left them late in the afternoon, planning to meet them again later for dinner.  Bruce complained of a headache and Betty gave him Equagesic, an aspirin compound she often used herself.  Bruce went to lie down in the bedroom.  Raymond called in mid-evening  to find out why they had not shown up at the restaurant and Betty told him Bruce was asleep.  Chow went back to Betty's apartment and attempted to rouse Bruce, without success.  They began to get alarmed and Betty called her doctor, who tried unsuccessfully for several minutes to revive him.  They called for an ambulance.  It was too late!
                            Excerpted from:  Inside Karate July 1993

     The flu, cold's and whatever have hit hard again this year. They in combination with the normal holiday activities, make it hard to train on a regular basis, but they will soon pass and normality will again return.  Try and remain "focused" through it!

Instructors Note:

The instructor page is started and should end up being quite worthwhile.
Shihan can supply you with the proper coding.

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