Another Year Gone And Another One To Fill!

January 2004

Volume 6 Issue 1

Aibudo Kanji

intestinal problem, took the "life" out of me.  All I wanted to do was sleep and that's exactly what I ended up doing, to the tune of about 18 to 20 hours a day.  We would all like to think that we're pretty tough, but when you get sick, you are the wimpiest man on this earth, at least that's the way it feels.  It's not an enemy that you have a fair chance against as "he" just hangs around to see if you're going to give up.  I truly believe that if he hung around long enough, you would do just that.  It's almost the same as nearing the end of a 20 second naked choke and you're the one being choked.  It's not your choice, but what you're enemy desires to happen.  If he can wear you down long enough, you will have lost the ultimate battle with the ultimate enemy.

The next time that you find yourself overpowering an actual opponent, think of yourself as the opponent I just described.  It's not their choice that they survive, but you, their "ultimate" enemy.

If you are fit enough to survive your battles, you will win the war, otherwise….  You can not buy physical fitness or the void element of strategy.  They both only come by the way of consistent participation and work.  If you are weak in either, that ultimate opponent may just be lurking over the horizon.

Sponge or a Duck

When it comes to water, would you rather be a sponge or a duck?  Now you're asking yourself, what is he up to now?  I'll add to the question and ask, if water is as knowledge, would you rather be a sponge or a duck?  That made it easy to answer now, but most answers to situations require a useable amount of information, before a result or comparison can be made intelligently.  When it comes to learning, we all, at least in the beginning have the ability to either "soak up" knowledge or have it "run off" like a ducks back.  When we first start to learn, we are as a fresh new sponge.  It is at this time that we are able to absorb a tremendous amount of intellect in a very short time and also hold on to it.  As time goes by, the sponge becomes older, doesn't absorb as much and appears to hold even less of any new information.  If we could just ring that old sponge out of all the useless info that's no longer relevant and absorb only the new that we desire, we could intellectually start over, but!!

The same is true if we compare the body's ability to change and develop.  As a young person, their  bodies can automatically do what a 30 year old has to work over several month's or years to accomplish.  The older a person becomes, the longer it takes to train the muscles, tendons, etc. to do what you are asking of them.  Then here comes the "rub".  The young person isn't able to appreciate what they naturally have and consciously build on it over a lifetime of study.  A lifetime is too far away and is boring at the least, even thinking about it.  The thirty year old has now matured and wishes that he still had what was lost.  The problem is that a good bit of what is lost is not retrievable as it was.  Now things have to be modified to do the same thing.  It could be said, that you are just working more efficiently, but the truth of the matter is, that we are just compensating.  Compensating for what we are no longer capable of performing, either do to the pain of certain movements or the joints inability to function as a 12 year old.

Now it's not all gloom and doom.  The young person's abilities generally were all a flash in the pan and had no substance, but what the older individual is able to accomplish is both appreciated and effective.  The time will come when the once 12 year old will try to duplicate what they were able to do earlier and end up hurting themselves on the first attempt.  The older individual who has dedicated himself, without excuse will now have the ability to totally "run over" the once "flash in the pan".  It may not be as fast and may not be as flashy, but the effect is 10 fold.  The gist of the story, is this.  What we had naturally with no appreciation for, at the time, is lost.  But later on, what you are able to accomplish and bring back is relished.  The reason is, that it takes so much more work to arrive at the end of your trip and accomplish the same things, that you never want to have to repeat the trip again.  Life is like that.  The old philosophy that says:  What seems of most important in the beginning is of the least importance in the end and what seems of little importance in the beginning ends up being the most important in the end, is a life's truth.

A Final Note

A thanks to the Aibudo members who have sacrificed and "hung in there".

Picture of Shihan

Fluid Intake Follow-up

"WASHINGTON -- A health and performance rule cherished by 30 million American runners and legions of other exercise enthusiasts is dangerous, has no basis in science and should be trashed."

The new advice: "Listen to your thirst," and consume only as much water or sports drink to quench it.

"Exercisers must be warned that the over-consumption of fluid [either water or sports drinks] before, during, or after exercise is unnecessary and can have a potentially fatal outcome," the journal said in today's edition. "Perhaps the best advice is that drinking according to the personal dictates of thirst seems to be safe and effective."

Andy Horrow, a Gatorade spokesman, contended that dehydration is a more serious problem for most people than over-hydration. He termed the listen-to-your-thirst advice "a dangerous assertion."

Doctors now know that over-consumption of fluids, either during exercise or at rest, can cause a potentially fatal condition called exertional hyponatraemia (low sodium). Noakes said the first cases appeared after the guidelines were issued.

You know, it ironic as we have stated before, that within the martial arts, fluids have been restricted for generations as part of the training regimen.  Is it possible that they have been right all along?  Don't ask the Gatorade company about this.  They don't want their sales to drop.

The Ultimate Enemy

I was reminded again this month of the "ultimate enemy".  Some would say, that it's time.  Others might insist that it's "man", or the government that he built to govern himself.  Depending on your personal situation, these "enemy's" will vary from one person to the next.  If you talk to 10 individuals, you would probably receive 10 different answers, but I'm here to tell you that there is only one that overpowers all of the others.  This rude reminder came to me about a week ago and after about 10 days, I believe that my enemy and myself are now at about a "draw".  I started coming down with what I thought was just a minor cold.  Then it "hit".  A major cold with a sinus infection.  If that wasn't enough, the fever, with it's chills, along with an