January 2006

Volume 9 Issue 1

Aibudo Kanji
Picture of Shihan

A couple of "by-laws" clarifications

     A couple of things have been brought to my attention that  requires some clarifications.  They are "transfers from one instructor to another" and "participant status".

     The question with regards to "transfers" basically is quite simple.  If you wish to switch training responsibility from the instructor you are presently with to another instructor, all you have to do is write a letter of intent two weeks prior to the 1st of the next month.  No questions asked.  From that time forward, your training, testing, paper work, etc. is then the sole responsibility of the instructor you have chosen to transfer to.  Technically speaking though, if you are present for a class, whereas "your instructor" is not present, you are pretty much on your own until that instructor makes a presence.  The other instructor(s) have no system responsibility for your training.

     There are exceptions to the two week notice by letter of intent.  Let's take a look at an extreme.  If you are training under myself and I transpire,  you may then without notice and in agreement with another instructor, transfer immediately.  Second, if you are training under an instructor, who has to change employment and will not be able to participate in the required class times or decides to discontinue participation within the system, you may then transfer to another instructor of your choice.  Regardless of the instructor you choose, they must be one who is able to be present for the majority of classes required of the system.  The normal required number of classes/hours per month,

presently required for "membership" is nine or 27 hours.

     The second item has to do with "participants".  If you have a friend, acquaintance, etc. who would like to train within our system, but is not interested in requirement training, testing or regular class participation, they can "participate" by coming to any regimented class period(s) of their choice.  The only requirement is that they arrive on time for the majority of classes they choose to participate in. There are a limited number of exceptions to this.  They may then also leave at whatever time they choose, without giving a reason or reasons, except during a "member" test that may be taking place.  They do have to abide by our regimented "reishiki" and by-laws in effect at the time.  They are not to participate in any unscheduled or specialty classes available to members without exception approval.  Those classes are for the benefit of dedicated "members" only.  One other item that I'll expand on is this.  Only "members" are to expect extra time spent with them, by certified instructors, on (fine-tuning) techniques as necessary for effectiveness, efficiency, testing and advancement.

     I hope that this clarifies some of the questions concerning these two items.  We are not that large of a system, but without the understanding of what is to be expected, both by students and instructors, rifts can occur that are neither necessary or should be tolerated.  Our training atmosphere is to be enjoyable and not filled with animosities.  Only then can learning be expected to be the norm and not the exception.

     I personally want to congratulate Larry Kuhn once again on his 6th Kyu advancement.  He has had to work around several extenuating circumstances to participate in our system, let alone enough to effectively advance in grade.

     Well, our system is still active and moving into another year.  We have deleted a few items, sharpened some and added a few more.  The changes, we believe, are constantly making us more effective and efficient.  Adding more to the tests, makes it more nerve racking for the participants in the short term, but much better overall.  Repeating what I said at the beginning of our last Hombudojo test (Larry Kuhn), it's not always the answers that are so important at the time, but what's learned during the endeavor.

     We hope this year to expand the number of scheduled classes and insert some ancillary one's as well.  Dependent upon feedback received, we could have Saturday's added to our scheduled classes.  The times will be determined also by the feedback or suggestions received.  An "in-home" LEAS class or two, with reduced rates for those who haven't participated at all and free for previously attended individuals.  Master Wissler also intends on holding "grappling specialty" classes.  I also hope that our member/participants continues to increase in 2006.  Larry Kuhn and Alan Campbell have shown interest in tournament participation, so we'll be looking into that martial arts entity within our area  I (Shihan) am going to spend more time in "continuous contact" stand-up during the month of January, which should also be of value for tournament interested individuals.  The same old hindrance though, will still be present with our members, because of the "contact" problem.  It's hard, not to hit your opponent, when that's the way you train.  Regardless, it will be good for all involved and continue to produce a more effective and efficient system.