July 1999

Volume 1 Issue 8

Once again, the Ho-Hum's of summer are here, so be on guard for the slumps!

Student of the Month for July

Skip Lewis

Always a winner!

-The "After 1930" Karate  Majorities-

As Karate grew in the 1930's, it spawned several "ryu" (schools or styles).  Chojun Miyagi (the first karate "Master" designated in the Karate world in 1933) and Kenwa Mabuni brought the Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu styles from Okinawa, and in 1935 one of Funakoshi's most brilliant senior students, Hironishi Ohtsuka, broke away , forming his own Wado-ryu style.  These four comprise the bulk of Japanese Karate.  There is another style that was a direct off-shoot of Shotokan, what was it?

Zanshin (State of total awareness)

This is the state or "sense" of a true senior master.  "A senior master is not" without it. It is achieved through experience and instinct, appearing almost as a 6th sense.  It produces an intriguing calmness of mind and an apparent detachment even in threatening situations, when fear or anger might seem a more natural reaction.  Through zanshin the practitioner achieves the proper mental and physical attitude with which to dominate their adversary.  The Japanese refer to Zanshin as an all-seeing "mind like themoon".

Point of Strategy

Accepting and Receiving
are both necessary to win!

This  Issue...

1.  Student of the month             4.  Recent promotions
2.   Point of Strategy
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