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JUNE 2001

Volume 3 Issue 6

This  Issue...

1.  Some things to ponder on   

2.  Precept

Repetition develops an effective void!

Aibudo Kanji

Funakoshi's #18 Precept

"Practicing kata is one thing; 

Engaging in a real fight is another".

          Modern martial artists often are told that forms practice alone is not enough and that some reality-based combat training is necessary for self-defense.  Fortunately, more schools accept that now than in the 1970's and 80's.

          Excerpted from the article by Frank M. Kushner in

BlackBelt Magazine, dated December 1999

Are you a money builder?

Many martial arts schools today are being developed for monetary issues rather than for character building.  There are numerous organizations out there today, that's main purpose is building numbers and members.  The e-mails are constantly asking, "Do you have 100, 200 or 300 members?"  "What is your bottom line?"  Nothing is said about the promotion of the martial arts, just numbers and money.  Take a good hard look and see what your actual purpose is.  If you are instructed as a group rather than individually, you are going to fail and have a false confidence that will cause you to lose down the road!

Having knowledge of many arts

Funakoshi and Musashi, even though in different times and lifestyles, thought the same in many respects.  Funakoshi stated as above and Musashi as:  "Become acquainted with several arts" and " Know the ways of many professions".

It is not enough to study one profession or one art, to be proficient.  You must have an all-around knowledge to succeed and "win" in today's world.  Particularly in the martial arts, having a "void" that only includes one art is like having a tool box with holes in the bottom.  You will find that the tools you have learned are inefficient and will eventually be lost.  If you have been in the arts for a long time, the traditional tools are totally antiquated and need to be updated and in some cases totally superseded.  Even though you were told that those defenses were effective and pride tends to keep you from admitting that they are failing, the truth will be in your "losses".  It is impossible to maintain the "Model T" design in the "Porsche" world.  An efficient martial artist, will look in the mirror, see the truths and work toward the future.  That doesn't mean that you throw away the virtues of life, just store away the old physical and mental tools that are failing you today.

Continuing or regaining positive motion by pausing from time to time:

Musashi had two strategy entity's that we expand on and use slightly different.  The pause in motion when you are in control has an extremely positive effect when you're winning.  It also has a positive effect when you are out-timed and are on the defense, if you're physical action stalls the opponent.  Maintaining movement when either in the lead or over-come is detrimental to your outcome.  The resulting "slap-jack" or "equaling out the scales", is a 50-50 game that is not predictable.  If the "windows" are not appearing or become fewer and fewer, it is time to pause and "take a look".  Allowing the adrenaline to control you rather than intelligence and patience is going to cause you to lose in many cases, particularly if your tools are limited or weak.  Take your time, open the "windows", take a look and strike when and where the "sun is shining"!

"Worthless Physical Actions"

Changing the channels on your tv!

Downloading MP3 files on your computer!

Washing the car in the rain!

Learning from a "paper" Black-Belt!

Learning martial arts in a 500 member class!


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