The Ho-Hum's of summer have arrived, so be on guard for the slumps!

Student of the Month for June

Sempai-Dai Robbie Geise

Check the web ( for the picture and particulars this month on this dedicated individual.  The system is only as strong as it is, because of a participant such as him.  Give him the ultimate respect this month, for he has earned it!

The "Slumps" in the
Martial Arts

The high dropout rate among martial arts students is not surprising.  Many come in with visions of Bruce Lee and leave with memories of knuckle push-ups.  Instead of being formed into acrobatic fighting machines within a month, they have been forced to perform repetitious sets of this and that, in most cases with no apparent reason.  In many cases, dropping out is a considered decision made by a person who recognizes that he or she is not willing or able to commit the time and energy to learn a sophisticated system that, ideally, requires a lifetime of study.  Other times, however, students drop out when they his a slump, telling themselves that they will just take a break from the martial arts and then return.  Most, of course, never come back.  There are three danger periods in martial arts training when students are most likely to quit.  The description of these will be put on the "Miscellaneous" section of the Web Page when time allows.  Please check and review from time to time to prevent the "slumps" from happening to you!

For participation in the May 15th tournament in Richmond,
Congratulations go to:

Chris Dickerson:
Kick-boxing---1st Place
Point sparring--2nd Place
Jujitsu--------2nd Place
Spencer Bohlander:
Kick-boxing---Gold Medal
Point sparring--1st Place
Jujitsu--------2nd Place

Point of Strategy

Having patience and taking your time will increase your "apparent" reaction time, accuracy and overall effectiveness!

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