A Potpourri of Information this Month

March 2003

Volume 5 Issue 3

Aibudo Kanji

Sara Ertell's Surgery

Sara is going to have surgery. on the 19th of March. for her ankle problem.  She is to be on crutches for 2 weeks, immediately following.  After that, for some time, she will have to wear a "boot" for ankle support.  The total healing time has been set at 3 1/2 to 4 month's.  We'll miss her loyal participation.

The "UFC" Competition

A few of us met at Sensei Wissler's home Saturday night to watch the "UFC" competitions.  They turned out to be some of the best so far.  There were a couple of unexpected upsets, with one that Shihan was very glad to see.  The "Tank" was beaten with a martial art grappling technique.  I wouldn't mention it, except that the "Tank" says that the martial arts are worthless.  I guess that they're just worthless enough to beat him and his big mouth.  He said that he wasn't put in the hospital with his "tap-out" and that he was up and walking.  If you call that limp that he had after, walking, then he lives differently than I do.  I really think that the pop that came from his foot or ankle is going to see him going for a bit closer examination of his injury.  His outward arrogance towards everyone he meets, has met payback.

Back to Basics

The Hombu Dojo is back to basics for a while.  This is in reference  not only to the pre-greenbelt information, but in the more advanced grades as well.  As the Admin classes are behind schedule already, this may help in the future classes scheduled.  We are going to be working on the very basics of foot position, hand and arm positions, focus, breathing, pivoting, basic technique and protocol.  Looking like a martial artist is as important to me as wearing the uniform that symbolizes it.  You will be remembered, not only for your results and rank but how you appear.  You  may be able to "whip the world", but if you look "crummy", that will be the lasting impression.  The "Tank" was able to whip "almost" anybody, but his lack of martial arts ability and attitude, stuck more in the eye of Shihan than his accomplishments.  Being an effective bum, didn't show or prove anything to me (Shihan).

System Changes and Proposals in the Works this Month


An added webpage for the system that may merchandise:

"Specialty Instructor Title Patches"

There are 10 patches at this time, that have been digitally designed, that are not at the present time available anywhere, either on the internet or in the retail market.

The actual activation of this webpage will depend upon the pricing we are offered and decide to accept, in order to be competitive on the internet and retail entity's.


A new webpage, with CafePress, that merchandises Aibudo System logo products.  This merchandise is a bit pricey, but I have attempted to keep it as low as feasibly possible.

Other Merchandise

I am considering on handling other, oriental and/or traditional merchandise on our website.  There is nothing, at this time, "off the table" as they say.  Anything related to the East Asian area is under consideration.  Once again the cost will be the main deciding factor.  If it's not possible to be competitive, we'll scrap the idea.  We have found a couple of sources for very affordable items, ie;  Wall Fans, Figurines, etc.  If you have had the privilege of visiting Sensei Wissler's home, you will have some idea of the merchandise that we are contemplating.  We will be using "PayPal" for the internet ordering method, as they accept, PayPal, credit cards, checks and money orders for payment.  Except for the "CafeShops" webpage products, the other merchandise will (if things work out), be available without shipping charges for our members, as we will have personal stock on those items or immediate shipment to us for pickup by you or your instructor.

Don't forget, seniors, that I need your date availability for the next Admin class,

the week of the 9th!

Notable Martial Arts Birthdays For This Month

1733: Satonuku "Tode" Sakugawa

1851: Kanryo Higaonna, founder of


1852: Kanro Higa(shi)onna

1940: Chuck Norris

1942: Jay T. Will

1944: Joe Lewis

Funakoshi's Dojo Kun

Seek Perfection of Character

Defend the Path of Truth

Endeavor to Excel

Display Courtesy

Refrain from Violent Behavior

The "Seven Virtues of Bu"

Budo No Bugei

(The Genuine Methods)

Forbids Willful Violence

Governs The Warrior

Fortifies People

Fosters Virtue

Appeases The Community

Brings About A General Harmony


They are never practiced without conviction and participants cultivate a serene wisdom which knows not contention or vice.  Fostering loyalty among family, friends and country, a natural decorum encourages a dauntless character.

Matsumura Buchu 13 May, 1882

The "End of The Trip"

Don't forget that the focus of the "end of the trip" is more important than the focus on each technique getting there.  The only problem is that you must have void developed to get you there.  If you have to think of the steps along the way, the trip will be slow and long.  Actually, if you have to think of each step to get there, you are more than likely going to be outmatched.  There is a secret to acquiring the void movements required to reach the "end of the trip" effectually, and that's: train, work, train, work and train some more.  If you run out of gas, before the end of the trip, you'll never get there on time.  Being "late", will probably catch you something right in the mouth!  Think about it.

Picture of Shihan