The system continues to advance it's members far ahead of their belt grades!

The Golay Center Aibudo  Dojo continues to visually and functionally  get better.  Sensei Chad Wissler has personally involved himself in both and the Golay Center has involved itself in betterment of function by providing a new training bag.  This expanded involvement in the training program only improves the final result, both in the product produced and the pride developed in it's members and the center itself.  This program is progress in action.

The Martial Arts System of Aibudo

The page continues to grow and I hope that as time goes along, you find it both interesting and knowledgeable as far as the Martial Arts is concerned.  The address hasn't changed yet as it is still:
You will be informed immediately when the address changes and when the second page address becomes available, which will include Kyu grade requirements and information.  This is only for our members and the address(s) are not to given out to
anyone!  If these addresses are given out by anyone, your membership and participation will be terminated!

Philosophical thought

Pride of system comes from……..?


This  Issue...

1.  Student of the month            4.  Recent promotions
2.  Golay Dojo just gets better  5.  Philosophical thought
3.  Web Page update