What are the "Chinese Secrets" of the martial arts?

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November 2002

Volume 4 Issue 11

Aibudo Kanji

A few of the "Chinese Secrets" were taught at the Greenfield Academy a couple of weeks ago! 

Were they mystical ? 

No, they were just common sense!

     If you had to pick out the most important "Chinese Secret" within the martial arts, what would you believe it to be?  Take a little time before reading on and see what you come up with…

     After a very short time within the arts and listening to any legitimate instructor, you will quickly learn that it should be relaxation.  Anything and everything should follow that.  Any rigidity at all causes several detrimental problems.  Let's list a few:

(1) While performing any multiple and fast transitions or having a stressful "presence" initiated upon oneself without the entity of relaxation, you will very quickly tire and lose the ability to defend yourself.

(2) When facing an unknown opponent, you will notice a tenseness in the shoulders.  The sooner that you are able to relax and get your breathing back, to normal, the better.  Until you do so, you will be unable to react quick enough to be effective, if the "inevitable" happens.  A muscle must be relaxed before it desires to be moved and that takes an extraordinary amount of time.

(3) Without relaxation, you will find that it is difficult to focus upon the whole situation that may be presented.  You have now been presented with the proverbial "tunnel" syndrome.

     Expanding a little more on this, and something that is a little better understood, is this example.  It comes time to test in front of your instructor.  You know all of your techniques like you think you know yourself and what happens?  In many cases, I have seen students even forget their own name.  I'm not sure at that point if they even know where they're at.  I do know that they wish they were somewhere else right at that moment!  What happened?  One thing sure, is that they were not relaxed!  The mind "cannot" function effectively under extreme stress and that is what is being purposely applied.  Purposely!  Yes, that's right. If you truly know your material and tell yourself, that this test is merely a demonstration that you have already performed over and over, you will be able to relax much easier and the whole thing will go a whole lot better.  Take your time, breathe and relax.  Only move when you are ready, not when you think you are expected to.  Allowing someone else to control your actions goes totally against what the martial arts are all about.  Performing at your time, your speed and within your own abilities, requires relaxation of not only the body, but the mind as well.  If the body is relaxed the mind can work.  If the mind is relaxed, the body can work and if they're both relaxed, you have a "Chinese Secret"!

The "Hand Shake"

     What did they learn about our hand shake?  It turned out to be nothing more than depth, relaxation and proper bone alignment.  But, with these two simple entity's applied, it turned out to be nearly impossible for the hand to be crushed, even with three people attempting it at the same time!  Not mystical, just common sense.

The "Arm Bar"

     What about the traditional "arm bar".  It  turned out to be relaxation and the understanding of natural bone alignment.  While the arm bar is applied, it is unnatural, so all that had to be done was "straighten it out".  A little play on words, but it turns out to be the truth.

The "Effectual Arm Lock"

     This was not taught, but the same thing is to be said about it as with the traditional arm bar.  Even when this arm lock is reinforced, the escape is relatively easy. 

"Chinese Secrets" Conclusion

     All of the above "Chinese Secrets" are easily performed by anyone, irregardless of size or age.  Most all of the martial arts techniques are easily performed with proper instruction and time.