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Well, cooler weather is here now and training on a regular basis is even more important.

As a follow-up to:
Benevolence and Rectitude

Modesty and complaisance,
actuated by respect for others feelings,
are at the root of politeness.

Politeness is the sympathetic regard
for the feelings of others.

Shame is the soil of all virtue,
of good manners and good morals.

Dishonor is like a scar on a tree, which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge.

From apx. 12 century Japan


In somewhat of a reference to the
follow-up on the right, do not ever forget the final statement in a specific description of how the training in our system operates.  It has to do with the hammer and nail.  What is the title of the description and what is the meaning with reference to the hammer and nail?  If you aren't sure, discuss it with another class-mate who you think might know.

Point of Strategy

Do not function as a series of individual movements but as a single movement instead.  Let your void take care of the specifics, you focus on the conclusion.

With reference to the current issue of a well-known martial arts magazine:

Do not allow, what you read in print, even when it comes from a recognized professional martial artist, sway you from the truth of your training.  In one article, you are advised as the following quote, with qualifiers:  "As he (your opponent) triggers his strike, you quickly disengage backward, forcing him to miss.  If he catches you in your tracks before you can disengage, your timing is off".  Even though this statement is from a martial artist with over 30 years of training and has competed in many competitions, do not absorb what he says as truth.  You don't win much of anything by going backwards.  Not in life and specifically not in the martial arts.  If you are forced into defense and go backwards, your opponent is still there to start over and contend with again!  If you are "supposed" to have your mind in thought, considering the possibility of a retreat, you have already probably lost the confrontation.  You're not going to have any timing period, if a retreat is on your mind.  A true martial artist works from his void alone and is concerned only with a forward attitude and physical direction.  Receive what your opponent has to give you, disrupt his drive and end your journey on your terms.  This individual also states, that you should "stabilize your concentration and lock your attention on some aspect of your opponent's position to prevent him from getting the jump on you".  I (Shihan) can guarantee you, that if you "lock" your attention on anything, you are "done jumped"!  This martial artist also states, that "fighting is still 90% physical".  That only leaves, as you can see, 10% mental.  What can I say!!!  They end the article stating the fact that "this individuals exploits and accomplishments are legendary".  I would ask all of you to respect what he has done, but not to follow his advise in today's world.  I "survived", in the past, on old techniques and philosophies but surviving is only considering a 50/50 outcome.  I want you to "control" a situation, not "survive' it.  Relax and open your mind to the fact, that there is nothing specific to focus on and gaze at the whole picture instead.  Your will absorb more by looking at the ocean, than focusing on a grain of sand!                                 Shihan

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