The Life Change Positives Of Martial Arts Training

October 2003

Volume 5 Issue 10

Aibudo Kanji

The "Unimportant" Basics

Why would any system teach "unimportant" basics?  Is it because they are boring or don't seem to work?  Now, you ought to know by now, that our system doesn't instruct in "unimportant" basics. I was just being facetious, with the initial heading and statements.  In the beginning, as you recently learned, the basics that become the most important are many times the hardest to become comfortable with.  Listing some very important ones are:  "Slide up with a jab", "moving in the cat posture", "the baby grip" and "our system posture".  "Slide up with a jab", demonstrates the importance of advancing forward with each set of hand movements.  The cat posture is the speed posture.  The "baby grip" is the most effective controller and the "system posture" is your insurance against injury, no matter the situation. 

Offense  --  Defense

In our system is there a difference between, offense and defense?  Not, really.  If you are working a drill, then ok, just for the sake of determining who's who, but for real life, no!  You are to be offensive in all your actions. 

I don't want you to ever consider yourself in a defensive posture or situation.  Every action you execute should, in your mind, be forward and aggressive.  As soon as you enter in to your mind that confronting an opponent is going to put you on the defense, you have probably just lost, before you start. 

Following Upcoming Advancements

There are several possible advancements upcoming that are not too far away.  They may appear to be, but time moves extremely fast, as you find out the longer you live.   I had scheduled the last week of September for any senior who was prepared to advance, but that time has come and gone.  The next scheduled period, is the last week of November.  I whole heartily expect advancement notifications to the following ranks for November and December;  7th Dan, 4th Dan, 3rd Dan, Shodan and 6th Kyu Green.  If you need help with your physicals, mentals or concerns, contact anyone senior to yourself for help.  Life and time is going by, all too fast.  Tomorrow becomes today before you know it and in the next instant it's yesterday.

Proposed Specialty Training

After the Fall festivities are over, I plan on holding Specialty Training Classes on off nights.  I believe that this will probably be necessary for a short time.  We need to return to the more normal training regimen of the martial arts curriculum.  I will attempt to rotate these classes around the schedules of Sensei's Combs and Curtsinger.  This, in one respect because of their "out-of-area" situations and also that it will be necessary for them to train together for awhile, as well as with the rest of us.  As it stands, these specialty classes will include the stand-up techniques, that we have been working on for the past couple of month's, as well as:

Shinka No Waza's


"Up and Down" Similarities

Advanced Kata's

Weapons's Fine-tuning

The first class will be on the advanced kata of Goitsu.  This kata is going to be mandatory on all advancements of 2nd Dan and up, effective immediately.  Shinka No Waza's are going to be mandatory on all advancements of Shodan and above.

Picture of Shihan
Sensei's John Combs and Chad Wissler

Catching Up

Returning Instructor

After completing his education and training in acquiring "Doctor of Chiropractic", we welcome the return of Dr. John Combs to active participation in the martial arts system of Aibudo.  Dr. Combs can be reached at his new Chiropractic office in Greenfield, Indiana at 317-467-4444. 

His system e-mail (temporarily unavailable) address is:

We all wish him the best.