September 1999

Volume 1 Issue 10

It's been a summer "full" and the Hoodoo's late,

Benevolence  (Man's Mind)

A benevolent man is ever mindful of those who are suffering and in distress. But, benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness.  We must not indulge in
indiscriminate charity, without seasoning it with justice and rectitude.

From apx. 12 century Japan


Name given to the military governor of Japan prior to the Meiji era.  The Shogun was always invested by the emperor and the office was frequently inherited.  For centuries the Shogun had total power.


"Do not invite the fight, accept it instead, better a foot behind than an inch too far ahead."

   Ancient Teaching

Point of Strategy

The loser focuses upon his
The winner focuses upon the

This  Issue...

1.  Philosophical thoughts             4.  Recent promotions
2.   Point of Strategy
3.  Historical Perspectives