The title of the book, "Deny By Accepting", is paramount to winning most any confrontation in life.  Denying an adversary by accepting their intent, is the first step in conquering them.  By accepting the fact that there is a problem to overcome, more energy and alertness is available to deal with it.  The fear that is developed from the unexpected, reduces the mental focus to a very  narrow area along with a reduction in breathing and an increase in tension.  In the martial arts, you can reduce and/or eliminate the effect or impact of your opponents threat by accepting it as fact and preparing yourself for dealing with it.  Any situation in life that cannot be changed, at this time, must be denied as something to worry about and accept it.  Worry does not reduce or change the fact of a negative action.  It only aids in the expansion of it and uses up energy that can be put to better use elsewhere.  Once it is accepted, you can put forth more effort in changing the outcome in a positive direction.  This is accomplished by utilizing your most effective tools and suppress or counter the attack.