There is not much that you can say about testing, in that each style or system is its own.  Testing of requirements in the Martial Arts, is a necessary entity.  It is an excellent guide to how the individual being tested functions under pressure.  Functioning in tense situations is extremely necessary for all martial artist, regardless of style or system.  Now with that understood, how critical are you to be with the execution of each technique demonstrated.  Naturally we would like perfection, but that is not possible, even within ourselves.  This is going to be a personal determination by each instructor, for each student being tested.  There are just too many variables to set a standard.  The only thing that I can offer an oppinion to, is that each technique should be known mentally and that each student should be able to describe, at least, the proper way to perform.  Flexibility, for some, comes very slowly and is not an easy process, but through time, things generally come about.  We can not penalize a student for what nature has dealt them.

The awkwardness of the beginnings are to be fine-tuned after reaching Black-belt and the learning pressures are softened.  This is the time whereas sharpness in technique and confidence in oneself should come together naturally.  The senior instructor now starts working more directly with these dedicated and serious practitioners.  After all, these are the lifes blood of your chosen system and it must be maintained as it was intended.