A sampling of:
Philosophies of Gichin Funakoshi

To search for the old is to understand the new.
The old, the new
This is a matter of time.
In all things man must have a clear mind.
The Way:
Who will pass it on straight and well?

(The above is a Poem by Master Funakoshi.)

"Art does not make the man,
the man makes art"

"Through the man, techniques become art"

"Mind and technique are to become one
in true karate"

"Those who follow Karate-Do will develop courage and fortitude"

"Without courtesy,
the essence of Karate-Do is lost"

"For the Karate-Do student,
the most shameful trait is indecisiveness"

"In a time of grave public crisis, one must have the courage, if required for the sake of justice, to face a million and one opponents"

"Life through Karate-Do is life itself,
public and private"

Karate-Do is not merely a sport that teaches how to strike and kick;  It is also a defense against illness and disease.

The correct understanding of karate and its proper use is Karate-Do.  One who truly trains in this Do and actually understands Karate-Do is never easily drawn into a fight.

Karate is just like hot water. 
If you do not give heat constantly,
it will again become cold water!

You may train for a long, long time,
but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet,
learning karate is not very much different
from learning to dance. 
You will never have reached the
heart of the matter; 
you will have failed to grasp the
quintessence of Karate-Do.

What you have been taught by listening to
others' words, you will forget quickly;  what you have learned with your whole body, you will remember for the rest of your life!

Karate begins and ends with courtesy!

To become a victor, one must first overcome himself!

There are no offensive techniques in Karate!

The first purpose in pursuing this art is the nurturing of a sublime spirit,
a spirit of humility.

As a mirror's polished surface reflects
whatever stands before it, and a quiet valley carries even small sounds, so must the
student of Karate render his mind empty of selfishness and wickedness in an effort to
react appropriately to anything he might
encounter.  This is the meaning of Kara or "empty" in Karate.

The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.

In Karate this is no first attack!

Control yourself before you
attempt to control others!

Karate is an aid to justice!

Spirit first, Technique second!

Always be ready to
release your mind!

Accidents arise from negligence!

Do not think that Karate training occurs only in the Dojo!

It takes an entire lifetime
to learn Karate!

Put your everyday living
into Karate and you will
find the secret!

Don't think about winning;
think about not losing!

Victory depends on your ability to
distinguish vulnerable points from
invulnerable points!

The battle unfolds according to how you move guarded and unguarded!

Whenever you leave home, envision numerous opponents waiting for you!

Think of your hands and
feet as swords!

Beginners must master low stances and postures;  natural body positions are for the advanced!

Practicing kata is one thing; 
engaging in a real fight is another!

Devise ways to live the
precepts every day!

Do not forget to correctly learn the strengths and weaknesses of power;  the stretching and contraction of the body, and the slowness and speed of techniques!

It takes ten or twenty years to acquire the virtues of:
And Self-control
to guide one's daily actions!

Use the front fist to block and
the rear fist to destroy!

To stand still is to regress;
those who think they have learned
everything and become conceited
braggarts proclaiming their own merits after learning the movements of some kata and acquiring dexterity in their physical movements are not fit to be considered as serious trainees in the martial arts!

If Karate-Do is followed correctly, it will polish the character, and one will
uphold justice, but if used for evil
purposes, it will corrupt society and be contrary to humanity!

Masters and saints may appear as
simpletons if they do not radiate dignity without ferocity.  If they act recklessly to no purpose and cause trouble for others, they are declaring to the world that they are only novice scholars or martial artists!

The high-spirited youth in the prime of life is prone to rash speech and action, so prudence is essential!