A sampling of Shihan's

Philosophies and Strategies

Never let the "obvious" cover the truth!

The more "physical" you become,

the less physical you have to be!

Violence when there are alternatives

is immoral


Violence when there are no

alternatives is survival!

The man may leave the martial arts


The martial arts will never

leave the man


Success is accomplished through

failing which is only accomplished through trying!

You must first try, to fail and through these failures success is achieved!

The loser focuses upon his opponent but the winner upon the situation!

Never forget your "place"!

This is a strategical statement of which the meaning and training is strongly enforced within the system.

Accepting and Receiving

are both necessary to win!

This is a strategical statement of which the meaning and training is strongly enforced within the system.

Having patience and taking your time will increase your "apparent"

reaction time, accuracy and

overall effectiveness!

To win you must:

Lead by following!

Become individualistic by imitating!

Deny by accepting!

-- Perseverance --

Any martial arts system should be a test of perseverance, both mentally and physically.  Not only for the very first beginner but for the master's themselves.  If not, it is not a true martial arts system!  A true system should be a guide for life, which perseverance is a major entity of.

For the beginner:

To initiate, for the purpose of winning on the offensive action is weak, but to initiate for the purpose of winning by following the opponents defensive action is strong.

For the master:

The action of "ikken hisatsu" is mandatory!

Are you worth as much

to the Martial Arts


The Martial Arts are to you?

Never forget that all of you as individuals, and not clones, make a system. For, without individualism, systems are very easily defeatable,

as their "life's blood" is weak!

Members of a "fixed" system are clones and if you have faced one, you have technically faced them all.

What seems of little importance in the beginning becomes of most

importance in the end and what seems of most importance in the

beginning becomes of little

importance in the end.

It appears in the beginning that we know everything and then appears that we know very little at the end.  Think about it!

With reference to proper sequence of the following tenets: 

Attitude, Ki, Knowledge, Skill,

Physical Ability and Competition--

Without the proper attitude, the

martial arts are impossible to perform properly either physically or mentally.  Without Ki, whether or not you have a high level of skill or knowledge, the body and mind will not function

properly in execution of technique.  Without the knowledge of proper technique or execution, your skill level won't be what it should. 

After acquiring all the above it takes good physical ability to properly

perform all aspects of the martial arts, without wearing down or straining to move in a certain way.  Competition (Kumite) is the sport aspect of what you have trained to do and is a self test of:

Attitude, Ki, Knowledge, Skill and Physical Ability.

To the unknowledgeable, there are many negatives and few positives.  But, to the participants, there are many positives and few negatives.

It is all relative to your desires. 

You have to think about this, for a balance in life.

However good at something you want to be, you can be.  Not through the efforts of an instructor, but of

yourself.  An instructor is only a guide.  You have to do all the work.  The amount of betterment is determined by the amount of work.

Are your desires to only participate,


  Honestly learn

  Aggressively train

Work to function within the "void"

Expand within the system and demonstrate your worth

The secret to developing proper

concentration is to put maximum

effort into whatever you are doing at the moment, no matter how small it seems.

He who worries about tomorrow,

doesn't have his mind on today.


The ability to proficiently perform the task at hand is severely limited when the mind is elsewhere.

Do you hear but not listen?

Do you then listen but not


Do you comprehend but do not put into action.?

Do you move into action, but with no purpose?

Or are you a true martial artist and give your "all", in all that you do?

"Winning is participation"

Are you:

Movement or Action?

What should you be?

Those who are always looking for the easy way out in life

are forever cheating themselves.

Those who are always trying to get ahead by cheating others,

end up only cheating themselves. 

Think about it.

Don't Forget!

As Martial Artist' we are individualist, but

Within the system, we are as a family!

Work with, share and help each other, beyond ones own personal desires.

The pride that we have for ourselves

and the respect that we are shown by others,

is dependent upon the least of

our being.

"The Martial Arts should be for

building spirit and courage that will

allow you to factually survive and not a false sense of security that will cause you harm in the real world".

Justice without truth and fact,

produces conviction, void of guilt!

Is it more important that you are not able to "whip" your opponent


That your opponent is not able to "whip" you?