General Courtesy and Respect due the dojo,

instructors and the uniform



1. No footwear is allowed in the dojo (Except if a foot is injured or for instructors working long hours).

2. Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.

3. Upon stepping on the carpeted area, bow into the dojo as an expression of respect for the school, our art and all

of the practitioners of the martial arts, past and present.  Next face the front of the dojo which is Sensei's position

and bow to that area as an expression of respect to Sensei.

4. Bow at the beginning and ending of formal class.

5. Bow when approaching the instructor's or other Black-Belts to be recognized.

6. When arriving late to class, wait to be recognized and bow to the instructor before entering the dojo.

7. Come to attention and bow to Black-Belts arriving at the dojo during class periods.  This will be initiated by the senior instructor and all will bow at the same time.

8. When correcting your Gi or Obi, in all cases, turn away from the instructor or opponent.  If only correcting the

Obi, drop down to the right knee, turned away from the most senior and if possible away from other Aibudoka.

9. The martial arts uniform must be kept clean and in reasonable state of repair.

10. A complete martial arts uniform must be worn by all students,  This will include the Gi top, pants and Obi.  Do

not wear your uniform in public unless you are participating in a tournament and/or demonstration or are

on the way to or from the dojo or tournament.

11. The belt must be worn in the proper fashion, in the color representing your correct rank, and must be worn at all times.  If your belt comes undone during practice, you must face away from the instructor and retie the belt as in #8 above.

12. Always refer to instructors and assistant instructors by their correct title.

13. Conduct yourself in a formal, respectful manner at all times when in the dojo.  Bowing is a sign of respect for a

person and a person's rank.

14. Any student who shows disrespect towards the art, the instructors or fellow students is subject to disciplinary

action or dismissal.

Dennis L. Wissler Director of the Aibudo System